Which Hiddenbed desk-bed is right for you?

May 30, 2013

We offer a wide range of Hiddenbed desk-beds with unlimited opportunity for customization, so how do you choose?

Measure your wallspace. One of the main benefits of a desk-bed is the ability to use a standard size mattress so, as a result, each one has minimum specifications. By measuring your wall you will see which models would work and how much space you have on either side for extra units. For example, if you only have 72″ you can quickly rule out all of the horizontal models.

Decide who’s going to be using it. Using a single desk-bed for two people is like trying to get an elephant in an elevator! If you’re planning on having two people sleep in your desk-bed, opt for a Double or a Queen bed. If your guests are your 90-year-old parents, you may want to go for a Vertical model where they can get into the bed from both sides, but keep in mind this leaves you with a smaller desk for the rest of the time.

If you’re buying your desk-bed for your own everyday use you can either stick with the same size as your current bed so you can re-use the mattress (as long as it’s 10″ high or less), or upgrade (you deserve it!).

Make a wish list. Decide what you would ideally like to store (or show off) in the units around your desk-bed. It could be books, CD’s (do those still exist?!), clothes, shoes, files, pictures, or even your high school basketball trophy. Then either ask for help or attempt to design your own unit. We suggest using our gallery and options page for ideas.

Always remember we’re here to help! If you’re ever unsure or want help designing your dream Hiddenbed wall unit, do not hesitate to ask.

Happy designing!

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